Geotechnical Engineering

geotechnical_engineeringGeotechnical Engineering Easily developed land is hard to find and close to non-existent. Solutions to site constraints such as the difficult/problem soils, slope and groundwater conditions require knowledgeable geotechnical engineers, engineering and environmental geologists.

Thorough geotechnical investigations are pillar on which a well planned development, either large or small should be founded. Knowledge of subsurface conditions through experience from other project or review of geologic information ensures that proper material, foundations, retaining systems, slope stability measures are recommended. Consultation with the client and giving advice during project inception ultimately results in structures that perform well and often cost less.

ILZ Consulting offers comprehensive geotechnical services that includes but not limited to:

  • Railway projects
  • Roads, material and quarries
  • Pipelines
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Substations

  • Township developments
  • Piling
  • Cemeteries
  • Industrial developments
  • Slope stability investigations

Geohydrological Studies

blockWe have considerable experience in the development and management of the groundwater resources, and offer the following professional services:-

  • Database development and management
  • Groundwater supply investigations (bulk water supply)
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Contract management and supervision
  • Borehole design and construction

  • Resource evaluation(quality & quantity)
  • Borehole field management & monitoring
  • Large and small scale irrigation schemes