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Ilanga Lezintaba Zolwandle Consulting (Pty) Ltd here within referred to as ILZ Consulting, is an earth science consultancy that was established in 2015
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Geotechnical Engineering

Easily developed land is hard to find and close to non-existent.

Solutions to site constraints such as the difficult/problem soils, slope and groundwater conditions require knowledgeable geotechnical engineers, engineering and environmental geologists.
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Geohydrological Studies

We have considerable experience in the development and management of the groundwater resources

and offer the following professional services:-
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Ilanga Lezintaba Zolwandle Consulting (Pty) Ltd here withinreferred to as ILZ Consulting, is an earth science consultancy that was established in 2015.



At the core of our focus is offering highest level of service while providing practical, cost effective, custom made solutions that preserve our precious resources and environment.



Our mission is to be the premier in the provision of professional consulting services in the field of geotechnical engineering, environmental and water resources.


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We provide highly credible, timely and cost effective solutions to support our client's engineering requirements us minimizing anytime delays during productions of final engineering design and construction phase



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